Accidentally Nerdy: Manolo Blahnik, TIE Fighters, and even Slave Leia

It’s a fallacy that Geeks and Nerds don’t have interests that fall outside the nerd kingdom. I know many nerds who love sports and even a few who list “reality television” among their guilty pleasures in life. One of The Nerdista’s interests is fashion, which is why I am able to bring to you, my beloved readers, the most nerdy pair of shoes ever to grace The Nerdista’s delicate feet. The Nerdista Presents: Chain mail. Manolo Blahnik. Stilettos.

+100 to Armor

-47 to Agility

Turns out it’s really very difficult to take a flattering picture of your own feet. I have new respect for the photographers of the world who can make a pair of feet look nice because pavement pounding peds need all the help they can get.

Manolo Blahnik has been hand-making gorgeous Italian stilettos since 1974 and is often credited for the stiletto revival of the 80’s. His name was known only by the fashion elite and those of us plebes who flipped the pages of fashion magazines until Sarah Jessica Parker‘s character Carrie Bradshaw and her obsession with stilettos in Sex in the City made him a near household name.


Carrie is declaring her love to a pair of Louboutins but we won’t tell a soul. [Warning: the Louboutin site is an abomination of Flash.]

These chain mail high heels are officially the nerdiest pair of shoes I own, which is really saying something because I also own and wear a these bad boys:

Boba Fett is no slave to fashion

Manolo Blahnik isn’t the only designer to accidentally create something nerdy. I was visiting a friend for lunch when I spotted this accidentally nerdy piece by jewelry designer Mimi So:

Is it just me or do those look like Death Stars mixed with TIE Fighter wings?

After a quick trip to the designer’s website I found:

That's no moon.

accidentally Death Star shaped earrings and

TIE Fighter Bling

earrings for the TIE Fighter Pilot Mrs.

The designer Mimi So claims inspiration from her stay in Jackson, WY so there’s just about no chance these were Star Wars inspired jewelry pieces. I think they are gorgeous and would have already bought all three, but those are real diamonds and come with a real diamonds price tag. I’ll just admire them from over here.

If you’ve read this far, you either like fashion or you’re here for the Slave Leia. The Nerdista does not disappoint.

"Many bunnies died to give us this fashion."

Some of you may never have noticed the costume includes shoes, but the cut of these Boots, the “Nesta” by Manolo Blahnik, reminds me of Carrie Fisher’s boots from her Slave Leia costume.

You're welcome. Love, The Nerdista

While a plethora of uber nerdy items are available for purchase on the internet, it’s these “accidentally nerdy” items that give me a happy giggle. Enjoy! -Love, The Nerdista

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