Boba Feet

There is an impressive bounty out on this Boba Fett pedi.

Boba Feet – no, that’s not a typo. It’s a Boba Fett pedicure! Your big toe is likely the perfect size and shape to depict Boba’s iconic Mandalorian helmet. All you need are the proper Boba Fett polish colors, a few household supplies, and a little patience. In no time at all you can be rockin’ a tribute to the universe’s most awesome bounty hunter!”

The Nerdista has always loved Boba Fett, because Boba’s been badass since the original trilogy, so I wear this pedi with pride.


  • Polish in the following colors: a suitable Boba Fett olive/army green, dark red, black, neon/mustard yellow, light to medium gray to emphasize his famous dent (optional), and a silver toned crackle polish,
  • Your regular pedicure supplies: base and top coat, polish remover, cotton balls, emery boards, etc. Pro Tip: I like to use a cheap, flat-edge paintbrush dipped in polish remover to clean up the edges of my pedicure.
  • Other non-polish supplies: toothpicks, painters’s tape (optional), and a black fine point sharpie


1. After prepping your toes as you would for any other pedicure, paint the entire surface of your nail with the olive/army green polish. Allow to dry. Optionally add a second coat of polish if necessary. For best results, allow to dry for a minimum of 30 minutes. Since some areas of your finished Boba Fett pedicure will have a minimum of four and as many as seven coats of polish, it is imperative you allow extra drying time.

2. With the red polish, paint a T shape across the surface of the nail. You can use painters tape across the top of the red section to help make for line more straight and even. Make sure to leave plenty of room at the top of your nail for Boba’s famous dent! Also notice that the sides of the T are rounded down from the horizontal section across the eyes to the vertical section going down the center of the face. Allow to dry fully for a minimum of 30 minutes but preferably much longer.

3. Unless you have a very steady hand or are a pro at nail art, cut small strips of painters tape to outline the shape of Boba’s T-shaped visor section. Notice the bottom of the horizontal section is angled towards the vertical section. Carefully paint on the visor with black nail polish and remove the painters tape. Allow to dry a minimum of 30 minutes.

4. Using toothpicks, paint on the details of Boba’s yellow kill stripes. Now is also a good time, if you prefer, to add a tiny drop of gray/silver polish to emphasize Boba’s circular dent. If necessary, use toothpicks dipped in the proper colors to touch up any areas of Boba’s helmet details. Allow to dry 30 minutes, preferably longer.

5. Now here is the fun part! Using silver colored crackle polish, sparingly dab the battle damage details onto the proper areas of Boba’s helmet. Make sure to add some crackle to the circular dent on the helmet’s forehead. As the crackle polish dries, the battle damage effect will be left behind. Allow to dry and then top with your favorite top coat.

The best part of a Boba Fett pedicure is you can’t mess up! Smudge the polish a bit while painting? Cover up the smudge with a dab of battle damage. Get a little chip in your polish the next day? Instant authentic battle damage. Pedicure getting a little worn out looking after a week? It’s not worn out; it’s battle damage.

6. Now take out your black fine point sharpie marker and draw on Boba’s viewfinder. Finish your other toes any way you like. I chose to simply paint the rest of mine Boba green.

Boba Fett makes some pretty awesome Boba Feet.

Quick Chemistry Break! How does crackle nail polish work? Typically polish manufacturers formulate their polish to look as smooth and even as possible. For any shade of standard polish, nitrocellulose is dissolved in a solvent of either ethyl or butyl acetate and the desired pigment(s) are added to the formula. Your polish hardens as the acetate evaporates and leaves behind the pigmented nitrocellulose. When the solvent evaporates slowly and evenly, your polish has a smooth surface. When manufacturers use a solvent that evaporates rapidly and unevenly, such as ethanol, the difference in evaporation across the surface of your nail as the polish dries causes the polish to pull, break, and “crackle” across the surface. Add some savvy marketing and suddenly a design flaw becomes a desired characteristic! Now you know!

Fun Fact! Nitrocellulose is a very highly flammable compound, formerly used in photographs, X-rays, and motion pictures, is an explosive that’s slower than the speed of sound, and is the main ingredient in magician’s flash paper. Despite its flammable nature, there’s very little need to worry your nails will spontaneously explode.

Love, The Nerdista

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  1. mira says:

    This is ridiculously fantastic. I can’t believe I haven’t seen this blog before. Keep up with it, it’s too good!!!

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