Do You Want to Playdate My Avatar? Baby Codex’s Staff

No Baby Codex costume is complete without a baby sized Cleric staff.

I nerfed Codex's staff for a level 1 Cleric

I made a few significant modifications to the materials and construction The Guild prop maker Greg Aronowitz used to make Felicia’s staff so Baby Codex’s would be more baby-friendly in size, weight, and materials. Basically, I nerfed the weapon.

Instead of a wooden dowel for the long handle, I used a lightweight and hollow piece of PVC pipe. The headpiece is made out of a flexible and baby-friendly sheet of red foam sandwiched between two pieces of the same type of foam in gold sparkle. The globe didn’t work as well in foam, aesthetics wise, so I replaced the hard plastic ball with a softer paper-mache globe painted on the outside with green pearlescent paint. Obviously this, and all the other paint I chose, was labeled non-toxic if swallowed. Baby Codex tends to lick and nom things while leveling up.

"They nerfed my weapon!" - Baby Codex (if she could speak)

The rings on the staff are painted O rings and the center is wrapped with a piece of scrap leather secured with hemp rope.

Handle sized for a tiny, chubby baby hand

My most favorite detail is the bottom of the staff. Instead of building one from scratch like in Greg’s tutorial, I used a T-shaped PVC connector joint I sawed nearly flat. The jewel on the inside is a piece of rounded recycled plastic painted with red sparkle toenail polish.

My toenail polish is +74 to healing and +7687 to glamour.

Why did I use red sparkle toenail polish instead of paint? Because red sparkle toenail polish is what I had on hand. Because I’m a red sparkle toenail polish kind of lady nerd. Because that’s what I did, because I wanted too, that’s why.

Greg Aronowitz, the prop maker for The Guild, posted an excellent 3-part tutorial on his blog (below) on how to make a Codex staff for yourself.  With Greg’s knowledge of almost two decades making physical special effects and Felicia’s infectious personality, the videos are enjoyable to watch even if you never have plans to make a staff of your own. Perhaps you’ll be inspired to make your own Codex staff and costume for Halloween or one of the many nerd conventions around the world.

[youtube ] [youtube] [youtube ]

Love, TheNerdista

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  1. Natasha says:

    That is the cutest thing I have ever seen… cute it almost makes me want to have a second child, so I can have a girl, so that I can copy this idea……almost…..

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