Doctor Who Companion Tribute Cocktail: River Song’s River Slide

Will we finally get to find out the mysterious backstory of River Song this weekend? I don’t often obsess (EDIT: who am I kidding, I’m a geek; of course I obsess!) but I can’t stop thinking about who Dr. River Song could possibly be and I have a couple of solid theories. This weekend, we should get a giant new piece of the mystery puzzle.

In reviewing old episodes to craft my hypothesis, I decided the Dr. River Song tribute cocktail the River Slide needed an upgrade. Red platform stilettos, her penchant for lipstick with paralyzing side-effects, and a mysterious flair . . . this woman deserves something a little more fancypants.

The Nerdista presents – The River Slide, now with 100% more fancypants.

A martini glass now. Aren't we special.

The River Song tribute cocktail the River Slide is still a mudslide with chipotle pepper to give it an unbelievably tasty combo of creamy, cool, and sweet with a kick of spicy. It still has a cherry to represent each one of The Doctor’s beating hearts. It still has the crushed SweetTart rim and dash of chipotle pepper because “hello sweetie,” and yes, it still has a mysterious surprise at the bottom of the glass. What it has now is a bit more sophistication with an upgrade to a martini glass.

The original River Slide recipe can be found here. The Nerdista will be serving these up this weekend as we watch the mystery unfold.

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  1. Meg says:

    What’s in it? How do you make it? I can’t find the original recipe. It says page not found.

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