Doctor Who: The Eighth Doctor aka The Unknown Doctor

Any knowledge of Doctor Who’s 8th Doctor is basically Geek-level knowledge of The Doctor. He only made one mostly unsuccessful appearance in film and despite a plethora of story lines fleshed out in the Eighth Doctor Adventures, very little is known about this particular regeneration.

Dick Wall, 1/4 of the Java Posse podcast, gave this excellent Lightning Talk at the 2011 Java Posse Roundup. Clocking in at just under five minutes, he outlines what you need to know about Doctor Who’s 8th Doctor, and sets up a bit of the mystery behind the appearance of Christopher Eccleston as The 9th Doctor in the first episode of the modern series. Watching this will make you either want to dig out more 8th Doctor information or may be just the perfect missing piece of Doctor Who lore your brain needs. Either way, Enjoy!

Fans of the Java Posse will recognize Joe Nuxoll on the right hand side of the video.

For other Lighting Talks on a variety of cool subjects, visit the Java Posse YouTube channel.

Love, The Nerdista

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