Doctor Who Tribute Cocktail: River Slide

The Nerdista is looking forward to the 2nd half of the premiere episode of Season 6 Doctor Who airing tonight. Love her or hate her, River Song is a fascinating and complex character with a mysterious backstory. The Nerdista decided the woman deserves a tribute cocktail; something as complex as her character arc. I’ll be making this drink again tonight to sip while watching Doctor Who and thought you’d like to make one as well. You’re welcome to make them all you like but this is a hundred percent The Nerdista original so please give credit where credit is due. Thanks, Sweetie!

River Slide

Not your ordinary mudslide, oh no, this one hides a spicy element with the addition of chipotle peppers to the mix. Garnished with a SweeTart rim (Hello Sweetie!) and two maraschino cherries (one for each of The Doctor’s hearts) pierced with a tiny plastic sword. There’s also a secret ingredient, a certain something you just can’t put your finger on. As long is River isn’t telling, we aren’t either. Spoilers!

In an ice filled cocktail shaker mix equal parts:
Kahlua Coffee Liquor
Baileys Irish Cream Liquor

Then add
1 big dash of Cholula Chipotle sauce

Shake vigorously till cocktail ingredients are thouroughly chilled.

Garnish rim of glass by dipping in creamed honey and then in crushed SweeTarts.

Strain ice out of cocktail with strainer or fancypants bar-tending skills while pouring into serving glass.

Garnish with 2 maraschino cherries pierced with a plastic sword and
1 dash of chipotle chili pepper powder

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