Doctor Who Tribute Cocktail: Sonic Screwdriver #11

Born from the standby classic Screwdriver, this cocktail maintains the original simplicity of vodka and orange juice, but a special effect twist makes this beauty sonic. We all remember from elementary school that yellow and blue make green, yes? Keep this in mind for later and remember, the #11 Sonic Screwdriver is a The Nerdista original.


1.5 oz Vodka
1-1.5 oz Blue Curacao liqueur (a blue colored orange liquor)
6 oz orange juice, well chilled

You’ll need two pieces of glassware to turn your ordinary screwdriver into one that’s sonic:

a 6-10 fl oz (180 to 300 mL) clear rocks glass (also known as a lowball glass or old fashioned glass)

a clear shot glass (1-1.5 fl oz or 44-50 ml)

Place the shot glass into the center of the empty rocks glass. The rim of the rocks glass needs to be taller than the shot glass after the shot glass is placed inside. If not, select a taller rocks glass or shorter shot glass.

Very carefully pour the 1 – 1.5 oz of Blue Curacao liqueur into the shot glass, without getting any inside your rocks glass, until the Blue Curacao liqueur comes just to the rim of the shot glass.

Next, pour 1.5 oz of vodka into the bottom of your rocks glass without spilling any on the Blue Curacao filled shot glass in the middle.

Lastly, fill the rocks glass with enough orange juice to *just* come over the rim of the Blue Curacao filled shot glass.

Here is the result –

Yellow and blue make green!

My fellow Whovians will recognize immediately what kind of shenanigans TheNerdista is up to here. The blue of the Blue Curacao just showing through a light layer of orange juice produces the greenish color of the 11th Doctor’s instrument.

It’s a Screwdriver. . . but it’s sonic!

Just tip your Sonic Screwdriver #11 back and drink as normal; the Blue Curacao in the shot glass will mix itself with the rest of the cocktail each time you tilt your glass for a sip.

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