Hacker Tribute Cocktail: The Black Hat Cocktail

While the definitions of Hacker and Cracker are disagreed upon even within their own community, the public at large seems to think all hackers are evil criminals. The truth is the activity of hacking is way more chaotic neutral than most non-hackers have come to believe. While some hackers certainly illegally exploit security vulnerabilities for personal gain, others hack for the personal challenge the way some people pick locks – to test their security and see if it can be done. These hackers, both those employed by the company and those outside, often notify entities of their security vulnerabilities and the increased security offered in security updates is the result. Most notably, as we’ve seen many excellent examples of this past year, many hackers or Hackivists hack to protest injustice, exploitation, and oppression and fight to preserve the flow of information and Free Speech around the world.

One thing is for certain, if you want to know more about hacking, this movie will get you nowhere.

Hackers laugh at their ridiculous portrayal in Hollywood.

It doesn’t matter if you consider yourself a Hacker, a Cracker, or a Phreaker . . . or if the hat you choose to wear is a Black Hat, a White Hat, or Gray Hat. If you fight for the preservation of Free Speech and against oppression, injustice, and exploitation in the world, I raise this cocktail to you. It’s not for the Script Kiddies, though. Like all The Nerdista’s cocktails it contains copious amounts of alcohol.

Black Hat Cocktail


  • 1 cup black coffee, hot
  • Hacker ingredient: 1 oz. Jim Beam Black doubled aged whiskey
  • Cracker ingredient: 1 oz. Kraken Black Spiced Rum. Yes, this exists. RELEASE THE KRAKEN!

Because hacking often involves exploiting the weakness in security systems, and that weakness is often the human element, I’ve added the following two ingredients.

    • 1 dash aromatic bitters and
    • a pinch of sugar


There is only one way to serve a Black Hat cocktail. Trojan Horse style, of course. Empty a can of Mtn Dew, via consumption recommended, and allow can to come to room temperature. Add whisky, rum, aromatic bitters, and pinch of sugar to one cup of steaming hot black coffee. Stir. Pour mixed cocktail into empty Mtn Dew can. Serve. Enjoy with a side of Cap’n Crunch cereal.

Black Hat Cocktail Variations:

Prefer your Hats more on the Gray side? To the above recipe add milk.

Prefer your Hats to be White? Add cream. You’ll have to keep your aromatic bitters, though, because even White Hats likely all cut their hacking/cracking teeth on more Gray activities.

Cheers to Free Speech!

Love, The Nerdista

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