Star Wars Cocktail: Han Shot First

The Han Shot First is a two part cocktail where the ingredients of the drink are separated into two shots: The Han Shot and The Greedo Shot.

The Han Shot contains 1 oz of single malt scotch whiskey; single malt scotch being the perfect drink for a man titillated by vast sums of money and the attention of a princess. Now we all know you don’t shoot scotch but what does Han know; he’s just a “stuck up, half-witted, scruffy-looking, nerfherder.” Although, Han and I both protest the “scruffy-looking” part.

Greedo on the other hand is a bottom tier bounty hunter completely out of his league. The milk toast of bounty hunters, so to speak. 1/2 oz. Green Tea Liquor is the perfect followup to the sharp yet smooth operating scotch and the combo of them together is a unique flavor sensation.

Directions for this shot cocktail:

Han Shot first


Greedo is downed.

Don’t believe any of that revisionist clap trap about Han Solo returning fire on Greedo out of self defense. No, Han shot first because he is a scoundrel. A scoundrel, I say. He even likes the sound of the word.

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One Response to Star Wars Cocktail: Han Shot First

  1. Matt says:

    I love a pun-based cocktail.

    By the way, the expression is ‘milquetoast’, not ‘milk toast’. Because English is weird.

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