Star Wars TIE Pilot Comm Pad

I’ve watched Star Wars: A New Hope and Return of the Jedi hundreds of times and never noticed TIE Fighter Pilots have communication pads on their left forearms. When you’re making a screen accurate Star Wars costume, however, these details are essential.

The materials I used were: the flexible white plastic temporary license plate from my car, heavy-duty mounting tape (because it holds the pieces together even when flexed plus gives the pieces some extra height), scissors and an X-Acto knife to cut the pieces into appropriate shapes,

blue painters tape to mask the areas that stay white, spray primer,

paint markers (in red, black, & olive green), and a sheet of clear decals and a sharpie to draw the details.

The best part was I made my comm pad from materials I already had in my crafting laboratory. My cost was absolutely free, except the car dealership plate – my most expensive craft material acquisition to date.

The decal sheet was completely optional as the details can be drawn directly onto the comm pad, however, mess-ups can be removed from the decal sheet with a cotton swab dipped in acetone (that’s nail polish remover for you non-goth boys) instead of re-primering the whole piece. The hole in the top of the comm pad will accommodate a standard snap sewn into the flight suit pocket so the piece can not be removed easily from my arm. I cut the piece to fit snugly in my comm pad pocket but a snap is little extra insurance against “souvenir gatherers” while trooping charity events. It’s sad that this is sorta necessary. [le sigh]

After slipping the comm pad into the flight suit pocket, I pretended to hit the buttons -bleep bloop, bloop bleep!

Now The KLF’s 3 am Eternal is stuck in my head. No complaints.

(The Nerdista is sorry this can not be played while embedded. The song starts at the 1 minute mark. The Nerdista also resents being called a “certain site.” Hrumph!)

Pushing buttons almost always makes me think of this song. The KLF is famous for hip-hop-inspired and sample-heavy British acid house music but the KLF’s nerd status was firmly established when The KLF’s Drummond and Cauty made a one-of stint as The Timelords and brought us the gem Doctorin’ The Tardis.


Enjoy! Love, The Nerdista

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