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Star Wars TIE Fighter Pilot Tribute Cocktail: Mai TIE

Raise a glass to the unsung heroes of the Imperial Forces, the TIE Fighter Pilots, with this interesting twist on the strong and classic Mai Tai cocktail. The Mai Tai is a polynesian style drink revived during the Tiki Bar craze … Continue reading

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Alien Resurrection Tribute Cocktail: The Betty

This tribute cocktail is brought to you by Kokomoka from Citizen Azeroth, a World of Warcraft podcast with his wife Renata Kane, a former co-host of World of Warcast. Some of you may know Koko as Cryler, the name he was referred to … Continue reading

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Hacker Tribute Cocktail: The Black Hat Cocktail

While the definitions of Hacker and Cracker are disagreed upon even within their own community, the public at large seems to think all hackers are evil criminals. The truth is the activity of hacking is way more chaotic neutral than … Continue reading

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