The Doctor Who Tribute Cocktail: Sonic Screwdriver #10

As Whovians worldwide know, The Doctor carries a sonic screwdriver capable of so much more than the standard screwdriver, and can do . . . well . . . almost anything The Doctor needs on his adventures. Fittingly, a tribute to The 10th Doctor’s blue-lit tool of choice should be so much more than the standard Screwdiver cocktail.

The Nerdista presents – The Doctor Who tribute cocktail the Sonic Screwdriver #10!

David Tennant, the 10th Doctor in the Doctor Who series, is a serious character but also charmingly effervescent and bubbly. A Screwdriver is a serious cocktail of vodka and orange juice, but a Sonic Screwdriver is a serious drink with an ingredient twist reflecting this bubbly characteristic. Oh yes! With this baby, it’s a screwdriver. . . but it’s sonic!

The recipe and pictures are below and remember, this Sonic Screwdriver #10 is a The Nerdista original.


1.5 oz Vodka
1-1.5 oz Blue Curacao liqueur (a blue colored orange liquor)
6 oz tangerine orange flavored sparkling water, well chilled

You’ll need two pieces of glassware to turn your ordinary screwdriver into one that’s sonic:

a 6-10 fl oz (180 to 300 mL) clear rocks glass (also known as a lowball glass or old fashioned glass)

a clear shot glass (1-1.5 fl oz or 44-50 ml)

Place the shot glass into the center of the empty rocks glass. The rim of the rocks glass needs to be taller than the shot glass after the shot glass is placed inside. If not, select a taller rocks glass or shorter shot glass.

Very carefully pour the 1 – 1.5 oz of Blue Curacao liqueur into the shot glass, without getting any inside your rocks glass, until the Blue Curacao liqueur comes just to the rim of the shot glass.

“What!? Brilliant! Oh yes!”

Next, pour 1.5 oz of vodka into the bottom of your rocks glass without spilling any on the Blue Curacao filled shot glass in the middle.

Lastly, fill the rocks glass with enough tangerine orange flavored sparkling water to *just* come to the rim of the Blue Curacao filled shot glass without going over the edge.

Here is the result –


My fellow Whovians will recognize immediately what kind of shenanigans The Nerdista is up to here. The blue of the Blue Curacao isolated in the center of a bubbly clear beverage mimics the look of the 10th Doctor’s instrument.

Just tip your Sonic Screwdriver #10 back and drink as normal; the shot glass will slide and mix Blue Curacao with the rest of the cocktail each time you tilt your glass for a sip.

You may also be interested in another bit of Sonic alchemy – The Nerdista’s Sonic Screwdriver #11.

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11 Responses to The Doctor Who Tribute Cocktail: Sonic Screwdriver #10

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  2. Made these last weekend for fellow fans of the Doctor. They were beautiful AND delicious! Thanks for the great idea!

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  4. Gwen says:

    You got your pages for the 10th and 11th Doctors mixed up. I suggest checking over them and fixing them. I just wanted to give you a heads up! Thanks.

    • The Nerdista says:

      Thank you so much for taking the time to register and leave a comment on my post. I’ve checked and rechecked my links several times now and can not figure out where any of the pages are messed up. Would you be so kind as to be more specific?

  5. Tim Smedinga says:


    Made the 11th’s sonic with some midori instead of the blue curacao as well.

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