Timmy Wears a Fez Now. Fezzes are Cool.


It's a fez.

Last year the call went out for costumes for Think Geek‘s codemonkey mascot Timmy to wear at San Diego Comic-Con. The response was overwhelming and Timmy had enough costumes to make any Cosplayer go all giddy. Sadly UPS didn’t deliver Timmy’s costumes to San Diego in time for the Con. Boo. Henceforth, Timmy’s costumes have been hand carried in check-on luggage.

The call for members of Timmy’s Volunteer Costuming Corps went out again this year and The Nerdista answered. I noticed Timmy’s 11th The Doctor costume was missing a fez. Missing a fez . . . until now!

Don't let River shoot this one, k?

The 11th Doctor’s fez is tassel-less, perhaps for continuity reasons, but does sport a felt button.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LZ2_cPIwNJk ]

The Nerdista had fun creating Timmy’s fez. I got to use a drafting compass and some fancy math to get the curvature just right. Timmy’s fez is reinforced for extra strength, finished on the inside for extra purty-ness, and topped with a handmade felt button. I’ve included an elastic cord on Timmy’s miniature replica to keep fez on noggin even when tugged by the Amy Pond Timmy clone.

It’s not too late by a long shot to create your own Geek costume for Timmy. Perhaps you have a unique idea and an itchy crafting finger or two.

All of Timmy’s existing costumes are archived in the SDCC album from thinkgeekmonkeys‘ flickr stream.

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